March 20, 2020

Tips For Sale by Owner (FSB0) during The Coronavirus Pandemic

These are uncertain times especially if you are selling or buying a home. The rules just changed, in a big way. Home sales are down across the board because of the pandemic; however, there are ways to mitgate and successfully sell your home.

1 – The Price

Make sure that the price that you put on the market is competitive for the state of your home, the amenities that you are offering and the current marketplace. All of the factors are subject to real time  fluctuation, so make sure that you have taken all of the volatility into account.

2 – The Staging

Homes that are properly staged will sell much more easily since you will undoubtedley need to sell online.  When people can see exactly how their furniture will look inside of a house, they are much more likely to trust the overall impression that you are trying to give them. Staged houses also receive less requests for inspections. Staging is VITAL at this juncture to the success of selling your home.

3 – The Inspections

You need to understand exactly what is wrong with your house before you put it on the market. Your buyer will likely require third-party inspections to clear the home of any major defections before he or she will consider making the purchase. You may have to split some of the costs of repairs, so it is definitely good to know what those costs will be beforehand if you are trying to sell a home.

4 – The Signage

The ever present “For Sale” sign that you may see around certain neighborhoods will need to be an essential part of your home sale but it wont give you the coverage you need.  It will be imperative that you seek out FSBO sites to get the coverage you need. Here are but a few:

5 – The Advertising

Because the sign in your front yard will not be as effective, you also want to be sure to have the appropriate amount of advertising in real estate blogs, magazines and local newspapers. This is a much more targeted method of advertising that can bring you the right kind of buyers very quickly. Advertising to the right people will help your home to get off the market and lock in your gains.

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