January 30, 2017

Michelle Guertin – Lender, Mortgage Consultant

Lincoln Abstract was introduced to us through Lincoln Appraisal. I have been with AAA for 10 years but Lincoln Abstract wasn’t open and running until about 5 years ago. They came in and introduced themselves and Jennifer came in and gave a presentation and told everyone that they would accommodate our fees because AAA is a non-profit organization.

When we started using them, I was in a position where I had to rotate my business so I had 4 attorneys that I had to work with. And I just liked the communication level that I had with them – other companies would only call when they had problems. And I’d feel like I was bothering them when I called and I never felt like that with Lincoln.

I just loved the way they communicated, I loved the way Jennifer would pick up her cell phone and call me to help with clients and there were modest fees and they couldn’t do enough for you – that’s the way they always made me feel.

My clients say it is so easy to work with them.

I am big on customer service and they are the last touch with our clients – if the attorney leaves a sour note, we don’t want that. With Lincoln, I’ve never had a complaint or a problem. And they always smooth over everything when there is a problem with a title. Always got back to me, even after hours.

So now I’m in a different capacity – I do not have to share my business, I can pick who I want and I just love working with them. I was the first one at AAA to work with them exclusively and have encouraged other loan officers to try them. I really, really think that they are the best. I just love them.

I have a partner who is very fussy about who she works with and always feels she has to break in a new attorney but, from the beginning, said Lincoln was awesome and they do everything the way she wants them to.

We know everything on our files will be done fine because Lincoln is on the other end.

We always boast that we give 5-diamond service and we are taught from the beginning about customer service and that’s how I’ve always worked. People will call me and say I got a call from Lincoln today or an email and they introduced themselves. Other attorneys that we’ve used don’t bother and they have spoken to me in ways that I just cannot believe people are that rude. I don’t have to worry with Lincoln – I know all my clients will be cared for.