January 30, 2017

Ellen Connolly – Realtor

They just are so accessible; they always answer your questions in a timely fashion. They know how to make the client feel comfortable and you always know that they have, actually … very thorough.

She always goes through it with a fine-tooth comb and protects the client – and protects the client in such a way that it doesn’t blow up a deal over a picayune issue. She knows what is important and what is not.

She deals well with other attorneys in the negotiation process so she never draws a line in the sand just to win. She doesn’t just need to be right – she always works in the best interest of the deal and the client. In the end of the day, everyone wants the same thing – the person wants to buy the house.

Her staff is awesome. They are very accommodating. They are quick to get back to you on all your questions.

I met Jennifer with AAA and she is now the attorney that I always recommend. I think she’s great.