Servicing and Due Diligence Providers

Specialized Searches and Accurate Reports Trusted by Due Diligence Providers

Due diligence providers serving the corporate, real estate, and legal worlds rely on Lincoln Abstract & Settlement Services for specialized title searches and accurate property reports.

Why Choose Lincoln Abstract & Settlement Services?

Our abstractors perform comprehensive title searches to verify ownership rights and to uncover hidden liens and encumbrances. Additionally, we provide municipal lien searches that typical title searches don’t uncover and perform document retrieval of all real estate documents filed with state, local, and federal government recording offices.

We help due diligence providers expand their services, strengthen their existing customer relationships, and improve their turnaround times with:

  • Easy online ordering, tracking, status updates
  • Full title searches
  • Municipal lien searches
  • Standardized product format
  • Document retrieval available
  • Customized data reporting