Lincoln Franchise

Better Together: Franchising Solutions from Lincoln Franchise

Run your own title company without the overhead and regulatory burden – that’s Lincoln Franchise.

New regulations, new real estate documents, and new industry best practice standards have made it costly for title companies to operate. The burden is even greater for new players looking to enter the lucrative title business.

With the Lincoln Franchise model, you enter the title industry in a simple and compliant way. Enjoy independence and control while leveraging the infrastructure, IT security, software, underwriter approvals, and insurance of Lincoln Appraisal and Lincoln Abstract & Settlement Services.

Is a Title Franchise Right For You?

Use our Pro Forma Tool to get a clear picture.

To see whether a franchise would be a financially viable investment for you, we plug and play rent, closings, refi price, title premiums for each state and more to generate an estimated monthly gross income figure – keeping in mind that the technology that is provided to the franchisee includes ResWare™, a six-figure benefit.

Current franchisees include everyone from real estate professionals and builders to lenders and entrepreneurs.

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