September 05, 2019

Client Looking for a Historic Home? Try These 10 Cities

Homebuyers come in all types. For some, finding a home that fits all their parameters is like finding a needle in a stack of needles. 

You may have a client looking for an old or historic home. But it’s not just the year the foundation was laid that matters to them. They may want mature trees, cobblestone streets or an old floor plan layout. 

Your best bet of finding a historic home that checks all the boxes for these kind of shoppers will be in these ten cities, which have an inordinate number of homes built before 1900. 

1. Cambridge, MA

If your client has a budget of over $900,000, Cambridge is the place to choose. The town is packed with history, and its gorgeous homes are too. You’re sure to find colonial homes to please clients who are after that style. Of course, the city also has excellent schools. 

2. Newark, NJ

For those of more modest budgets, Newark, NJ is just the place. For that classic, colonial look and a lovely neighborhood, we suggest Upper Roseville. It’s an expensive but historic neighborhood that often has what selective clients are looking for. 

3. Allentown, PA

If Newark isn’t for your buyers, head a little east to Allentown, PA. Prices have dropped by 5% in the last year, which makes this otherwise supply-limited market a bit more affordable.

4. Hartford, CT

Unlike conditions in much of Connecticut, market conditions in Hartford continue to heat up. A single-family home is year-over-year up by 4%. Perhaps it’s this county’s stunning historic homes that are driving the demand.

5. Providence, RI

If your clients choose Providence, RI as their new home city, they are less likely to get into a bidding war. This market is actually cooling off, with a year over year drop in housing prices of 3 percent. Lincoln Abstract & Settlement Services is located in this ideal market, so be sure to reach out to us if your clients are interested in the area. 

6. Manchester, NH

While Manchester, NH doesn’t boast a cooling housing market, it will appeal to a buyer that’s looking for a historic home. It has a wide selection of Victorian houses on the market, including those that have been modified for modern life and those that are more traditional. 

7. Grand Rapids, MI

Do your clients want to enjoy life near the Great Lakes? Consider Grand Rapids, one of the hottest markets in America, especially for those looking to invest in an older home. It could be your client’s dream bed-and-breakfast location. 

8. Chicago, IL

Don’t underestimate this market’s potential value to your clients. Yes, the market is struggling, but that means a low price on the historic home your clients are dreaming of. 

9. Cincinnati, OH

Yes, Cincinnati, OH has seen a lot of new construction in recent years, but it still has a large percentage of older homes that your clients will love and at an affordable price

10. Milwaukee, WI 

Are your clients the direct, no-nonsense type? They can find a historic home in Milwaukee with a low chance of entering a bidding war. Homes in these neighborhoods typically only receive one offer and sell below listing price. Still, you can find gems with character here. 

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