September 08, 2020

2020 Chrome Extensions that Every Real Estate Agent Needs

If you’re a fan of Google Chrome, these extensions will help you nail your marketing tasks while keeping you on task and saving you time. Look no further for extensions real estate agents will love!

Text and Copy BFFs

Got stuff to write? These extensions will help:

Counting Character

Ugh. Character limits are everywhere and can take up a lot of time to get things just right. Whether you’re working on a profile, a Twitter post, or a blog description, this little extension will provide all the counts you need.


Nothing is more unprofessional than blatant copy errors. Whether it’s a typo or a poor grasp of spelling and grammar, Grammarly will let you know when you’ve made a mistake.

Surfing and Such

Tons of stuff to do online? Try these tools:


With a million facts, figures, and client names floating around your head, passwords are the last thing you need to remember. Although you’ve probably jotted them down somewhere, that “somewhere” is not always handy. LastPass allows you to create and store passwords in the cloud. It keeps you from using the same password for everything, which is a major security mistake.

Session Buddy

As a real estate agent, you can find yourself pulled away from many necessary tasks, including research for blogs or real estate statistics. If this is the case, you know how frustrating it is to lose all those tabs of vital information when you have to switch gears. Session Buddy allows you to quickly save tabs from your search to use later.

Nail That Social Media

Social media getting you down? No problem:


Buffer is your social media savior, allowing you to compose and schedule your social media posts. You can use it for up to three channels for free. Your social media becomes a breeze as it takes your post, prepares a title and link, and then publishes your post according to your schedule preferences.


This tool assists with tiresome hashtag creation, providing free analysis with a color-coded rating. It can be used for platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and Hootsuite, to name a few.

Task and Time Management

Having trouble keeping up? Try:


This little plug-in combines form with function. First, it shows you a stunning, new image each day when you open up your browser. Second, it has a practical application with an easy “To Do” list to keep yourself on track with all the particular tasks you have to complete each day.

Boomerang (for Gmail)

This one allows you to schedule when you send emails. If you are a night owl, just time your messages for the morning so that you don’t become a nuisance to clients or co-workers.

Nifty Gadgets

Fan of gadgets? These ones are pretty cool:

Awesome Screenshot

This makes taking screenshots a snap. Capture anything on a webpage or your desktop, crop it, and make notes. Got some sensitive info you don’t want to share? Just blur it out.

Colorpick Eyedropper

This tool allows you to color match fonts and backgrounds to colors from your images. Just click the color you want and paste it into your Canva color selector. You get professional results with zero effort.

From grammar to social media and time management to hashtags, these plug-ins and extensions have got you covered.

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